5 Best Ways to Celebrate Your Dear One's Birthday in Noida

Noida, A systematically planned city offers everything that a metro does. From the plush shopping malls to the exquisite pubs and lavish houses, Noida is the place that one yearns to live in. This being a part of the Delhi-NCR region, has the benefit of facilitating urban life with ease. Some of the best ways you can party in Noida especially if it is your loved ones Birthday are enlisted below:

  1. Kidzania

    If it is your child’s birthday, or you want to engage your intelligent niece or nephew during vacations, then Kidzania be the place. With an amazing state of the art facilities, this place offers an out of the world experience for the children. This is an inspiring place where one visit can help them discern their future course of action. The children here get a fully equipped facilities for whatever they want and hence, they enjoy this freedom. What more can you teach the child on his or her Birthday, that is the importance of freedom and freedom to choose. Besides this visit, to end the day in a memorable way, you can send flowers to Noida and make merry finally before the day ends.

  2. DLF Mall of India

    dlf mall of india
    All under one roof is what we all look for in a city as parking is mostly an issue. If you are here in Noida during your birthday or your spouse’s Birthday, visit the DLF mall of India. It is the best mall as it offers multi-level parking, which helps you do away with the major issue of today’s day and age. The offers all international brands to shop from, along with the great food that you can relish. From ordering your favorite Birthday gift to shopping your favorite brand, you can spend a memorable day here in this glitzy place.

  3. Worlds of Wonder

    Worlds of Wonder noida
    Are you a summer baby, or you have someone close who is born during the summers, then this place must be your go-to pace for the celebration of the Birthdays. With fun and frolic this theme-based water park is your escape if your birthday falls in the sweltering heat of the North. Enjoy with your entire family or the bundle of friends that you have at this lovely water park. Get drenched and enjoy to the fullest. Furthermore, if you are not in Noida, and you know your friends are partying here, send flowers to Noida at this water park, and add more spark to the party.

  4. Atta Market

    atta noida
    If you are the shopaholic, then Atta Market is the place to be at on your birthday. Spend generously and you will get abundantly when you shop at this market. You can get truckloads of items especially if it your birthday. No one will ask questions, hence, enjoy this freedom and buy all that you wished for in many days. Here you get good brands of clothing, cosmetics, home furnishings and all you need as a woman. A lavish day, with judicious buying can enhance your purchasing power by leaps and bounds.

  5. SwamiNarayan Akshardham

    For someone’s Birthday who lives in Noida one very infamous option to visit is the Akshardham temple. But if you are spiritual and wish to imbibe some more, this is a perfect time for you. As you grow a year wiser, you will be benefited by visiting this temple and enjoying the serenity of the various shows it offers. The wonderful Boat ride of the temple will get you thinking and you will come back as a motivated person.

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