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Warning: The Haunted Places in Noida Listed below are based on the actual facts and rumors. Before we start with the list, Please note that heynoida is not responsible for the consequences you may or may not face while your visit.

HeyNoida brings you some of the most spooky and haunted places in Noida.

L-32, Sector-2

talwars haunted house

This is the place where the perfect murder of Arushi Talwar took place along with Hemraj. The incidence shocked the whole country and the case is still a mystery. Some officials say, that no one prefer to live in that house ever since. The neighbors shared some spooky incidences as well. The murder of Arushi and Hemraj was so gruesome that the house and its surroundings are still filled with negative vibes. You cannot enter the house premises. However, you may have a look at the building and the haunted floor at a distance.

HCL N3 Building

hcl n3 haunted building

Blood Dripping off the ceiling, the invisible touch of a ghostly presence, or crying sounds. These are a few things that you might have seen in some horror movies, but guess what? HCL N3 Building in Noida has it all, making it one of the most haunted places in Noida. The building screams negativity all over and the employees working over there have reported several incidents. One might not agree with the fact that the building is haunted since there are hundreds of employees working but the ones who work in late night shifts might agree. Hear it from one of the employees (check the image below):-

hcl n3 employee review

Noida Expressway

yamuna expressway haunted

Accidents happen all over the globe, but a few leaves so much impact in the surroundings that it terrorizes whoever visits the place even after months of the incident. Noida Expressway connects Noida to Greater Noida, where you may see hundreds of vehicles trying to overtake each other or crossing speed limits. Results? Gruesome Accidents. The spirits of the dead still haunts some especially during late nights. Many have reported incidences where they saw a shady figure appearing out of nowhere in front of their vehicles while speeding, causing them to apply brakes or getting hit by the road divider. Our Tip: Avoid traveling solo on Noida Expressway during late nights and always drive in speed limits.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

haunted okhla bird sanctuary

A famous tourist attraction situated between the borders of Noida and Delhi is not what it seems. Daily hundreds of tourists visit Okhla Bird Sanctuary to explore the beauty of the place. But only a few knows that the place has a graves situated right inside it without any signboard to inform the visitors. As a result, the place shuts down at 5.30 in the evening and no one is allowed to enter the place in the dark. No wonder why the place is listed among one of the haunted places in Noida. Here’s what one of the visitors has to say about the place (see the image below):-

okhla bird sanctuary review

House of Horrors – Nithari

nithari haunted bungalow

It’s been more than a decade since the incident of Nithari took place in Sector 31 Noida. To those who don’t know, in 2005 and 06, around 19 women were raped and murdered in a bungalow located in Nithari. The murderer however, received life imprisonment but that’s not the end of the story. The locals are still not over the gruesome incident and are still scared of wandering around the house. No wonder why the house still remains as it was a decade ago.

Block 9 – Sector 34

b9 haunted society

The residents of B-9, Sector-34 have reported several paranormal incidences in their society. Some of them heard screams of children in their sleep while some have witnessed paranormal activities in their homes. The society seems to be a bit shady, and at night looks quite spooky, the primary reason being lack of lights installed in the society. Some of the houses in the society are abandoned by previous owners who are ready to sell the house for a comparatively lesser price than other societies in the same sector. The reason is quite obvious. The society is among one of the most haunted places in Noida that no one talks about.


All these haunted places in noida listed above in the list are meant to be visited by your own risk. If you are weak-hearted, make sure you explore these haunted places in a group or don’t visit at all. Also, HeyNoida does not guarantee any kind of experience during your visit. If you have visited any of these haunted places in Noida, make sure you share your experience in the comment section.

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    Yes, I know N3 in Noida is Haunted. Everything mentioned in this article is true.

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