Best Private Places for Couples in Noida

Are you tired of looking for a private place to spend some cozy time with your partner in Noida? Well, we completely understand your struggle of dealing with nosy uncles and aunties wherever you take your bae in the city. Even if you are from Delhi, and looking for a quiet place to spend some time with your girlfriend/boyfriend, this article is for you.

Problems faced by unmarried couples: Be it parks, markets or restaurants; you will always find it hard to get away with the weird stares even if you walk hand in hand with your partner. Unmarried couples always fear of getting caught in action while in public and getting their parents called.

Solution? We explored some quiet but comfortable places for couples to spend some quality time in Noida, and hence came up with this well-researched list of private places for couples in Noida.

Note: The places mentioned in this article can be visited by unmarried couples as well, keeping in mind the risk factor involved.

So, without wasting any time let’s get straight to the list of top 5 private places for couples in Noida.

Private Places for Couples in Noida

1. Ebony Privy Noida

ebony privy noida

Many residents of Noida are not aware of this brilliant place to spend some quality time with your partner. Ebony Lounge Noida is a movie theater located in The Great India Place Mall Noida.

The theater has couple friendly sofa seats, equipped with curtains on both sides, giving you a room-like feel. Not to mention, you are also provided a blanket to make sure your coziness is not compromised.

While booking the tickets, always go for “Ebony Privy” option, which is specially made for couples seeking a bit privacy while enjoying a movie.

Make sure you don’t cross the limits (you know what I mean) and always keep a check on the security guards as they might interrupt you if they find you doing something you should not in a public theater.

Risk Factor: 3/5

Price Range: INR 750 Per Ticket

2. StayUncle

stayuncle private rooms for couples

A startup entirely focused on providing privacy to couples all over India has now opened in Noida. StayUncle has tied up with some of the best hotels in the Noida City that ensures your safety is not compromised and there are no questions asked if you check in to a hotel with your partner.

Conditions: Both, the girl and the boy, should have a valid Government approved ID Card, and must be of legal age to check in to a hotel as a couple.

The USP of StayUncle hotels is that none of them are shady so you and your partner won’t feel uncomfortable while checking in to any hotel associated with StayUncle.

Some of the best StayUncle picks in Noida City are Hotel Fortune Inn Grazia, which is located in sector-27, Noida and Hotel Golf View in Sector-37 Noida.

Risk Factor: 0/5

Price Range: INR 1500 – INR 8000

3. Oyo Rooms

oyo rooms for couples in noida

Just like StayUncle, OyoRooms is an excellent option for couples who are seeking privacy in Noida. The difference, of course, is the safety and comfort depending on the price range of the hotels.

Make sure to filter the rooms which are Couple Friendly and that allows local visitors to check-in. Don’t forget to carry your Government approved ID Card along with you. If you are unmarried, make sure the hotel allows unmarried couples before you book the room.

Tip: If you plan to use a budget hotel from OYORooms, always check for the hidden cameras in the room before getting into the action.

Our Recommendations for local couples in Noida: OYO Townhouse and Saarthi Hotel

Risk Factor: 1/5

Price Range: INR 700 – INR 6000

4. Sector 25 Terraces

sector 25 terrace noida

The Terraces of Noida Sector 25 are lesser-known private places for couples in Noida, where one can easily have the access to use them.

Note: This option is only for those who don’t want to spend a dime on their privacy. But, privacy always comes with a price and hence, we would recommend you to try this option very cautiously since the risk factor for getting caught is pretty high.

Sector 25 in Noida has a few societies with terraces that remain open. The societies in this sector are somewhat quiet, and you can rarely spot anyone using the terrace after dark. If you are lucky enough, no one will spot you getting cozy behind a water tank and spending some quality time.

Since these terraces are open to the public, our recommendation would be to use the terraces after the sun goes down. Definitely a risky but a daring option for privacy-seeking couples in Noida.

Tip: DO NOT make any sounds while reaching the terrace, and always keep the terrace door closed.

Price: Not Required

Risk Factor: 3/5

5. Okhla Bird Sanctuary

okhla bird sanctuary noida couple

The beauty of Okhla Bird Sanctuary is decidedly less known to the people residing in Noida. In this place, you would find a lot of photographers busy clicking the rare and exotic birds. And some lovebirds making out behind the bushes or in the parked cars.

No wonder this place is heaven for privacy-seeking couples from Noida and Delhi and has a lot of private places to enjoy some private moments. Just that one had to look for it.

The place is open from 7 in the morning until 5.30PM. So, do not try your luck staying there after dark. Always ensure the safety of the girl.

Recommended option would be to take a car, park it somewhere quiet, and spend some wonderful time with your partner in the backseat of your car. No one would disturb unless you are in someplace where most of the families would go.

Price: INR 30 – INR 500

Risk Factor: 2.5/5

Alternative for couples seeking privacy in Noida or Delhi

Rent a newly built semi-furnished house somewhere in the under construction societies of Noida Extension. You will get them within your budget from one of the many property dealers and no-one would question you. Make sure you don’t make it look too obvious to them.


Now you have a list of some of the best options for private places for couples in Noida. But always remember, all these places are not meant only to get intimate, so take advantage very carefully. If you are a boy reading this, make sure your girl is safe wherever you take her and always be cautious. Afterall, no place is better than home.

If you visited any of these places, share your experience in the comment section of this post.

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